Borrow against diamonds at Capetown Capital Lenders

Inheriting diamond pieces from family is a nice way to pass down tradition and memories, but sometimes older pieces aren’t wearable because they’re out of style or fragile. If you have diamond jewelry you don’t wear but don’t want to part with, borrow against diamonds at Capetown Capital Lenders. You can get an asset-based loan and keep your family history intact.

What is an asset-based loan?

An asset-based loan is a faster, simpler way of getting a cash loan than going to a bank. With a bank loan, you have to prove your credit, source of income and wait weeks for a bank  to accept an application. When you borrow against diamonds, you can have up to $1,000,000 in cash in 24 hours or less.

An asset-based loan uses the inherent value of your jewelry, diamonds, gold or fine timepieces. Capetown Capital Lenders evaluates the piece and determines its worth, and you walk out with cash. After repaying the loan, you get your jewelry back.

That’s why an asset-based loan is perfect for diamond pieces you don’t wear often, but don’t want to sell. If you need quick cash for a business deal, to pay car repair bills or treat your family to a vacation, Capetown Capital Lenders will get you the cash you need quickly.

How much are loans on diamonds worth?

Diamonds are one of the most valuable gems on earth. They are a great investment because they hold their value. There is a limited number of natural diamonds on Earth, so diamond value doesn’t decline. If you inherit a diamond from family, you’ve inherited a valuable resource.

At Capetown Capital Lenders, you can borrow against a wide variety of diamond sizes and shapes. Most loans are on diamonds that are more than 0.75 carats. That applies to loose and set stones. Many diamond jewelry pieces are set with multiple diamonds, but one stone should be more than 0.75 carats.

When you borrow against diamonds with a certification, you’re likely to have a higher loan value. Remember, always save your paperwork and original packaging. Paperwork certifies the color, clarity and carat weight of a diamond, the most important factors in determining a diamond’s value. As you’ll see in the examples below, borrowing against diamonds can be very lucrative.

A customer borrowed $10,000 against this three carat average quality round cut diamond.
A customer borrowed $10,000 against this three carat round cut diamond.
Diamond Banc made a cash offer of $40,000 and a consignment offer of $55,00 for this 5.09CTW diamond ring.
Capetown Capital Lenders loaned $40,000 on this 5.09CTW diamond ring.

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