Borrow money for your kid’s tuition

We all know how exciting and scary it can be when your teenage child graduates. They’ve put in the effort and time to keep their grades up, maybe even have a summer job, to prepare for college. Of course there are all sorts of college and government scholarships, grants and loans, but did you know there may be money waiting in your jewelry box? With traditional financial aid getting more and more competitive, an asset-based loan may be a more practical option to borrow money for tuition.

Borrow tuition money each semester

In case you are wondering about borrowing the same amount each semester or year, every loan with Capetown Capital Lenders will have the same loan terms for the same jewelry. We like to think of it as a credit line. We’ll loan money to you as many times as you need a quick source of cash. This mimics traditional financial aid, so you can get the money when you need it and pay it off when you don’t. To get a second or third loan at a bank or other lender, you have to go through the same processes, approvals and paperwork each time.

Capetown Capital Lenders loans against diamonds, fine jewelry and luxury watches, while banks do not. This is because that’s where our expertise lies. Our staff has over 25 years in the jewelry industry. We not only provide loans but also buy and sell fine jewelry. This gives us the unique advantage of having a pulse on the market and connections in the jewelry industry; allowing us to loan you more because in case of default we have more avenues in which to liquidate jewelry.

Diamond Banc made a cash offer of $40,000 and a consignment offer of $55,00 for this 5.09CTW diamond ring.
A Capetown Capital Lenders client borrowed $40,000 on this 5.09CTW diamond ring.

Zero stress borrowing

While your teenager is busy writing essays and taking long surveys in an effort to beat the competition for tuition assistance, you can lock in a truly reliable source of funding. Many scholarships, grants and student loans require students to prove themselves more deserving than all the others. They may even need to apply again and again for each semester. Not to mention, many students lose financial aid due to the required GPA guidelines or sticking with an intended field of study.

Asset-based loans do not change in value or acceptance based on your kid’s academic performance. Your diamond ring will yield the same loan amount each semester or year. Which allows you to rely on Capetown Capital Lenders to borrow money for tuition repetitively. And, when your kid is finally done with college, you will still have your valuable jewelry.

Borrow money for tuition now

So instead of relying on the volatile market of financial aid, let your jewelry secure cash for you. Fill out our simple, no-obligation loan form to be contacted within 24 hours. Customers normally receive contact within minutes of their submission and receive funding in as little as 24 hours. We understand that you need money fast so we work quickly to get your loan completed and a check in your hand.

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