Calculate your diamond’s worth

Wonder how much you get for your diamond? Use the Capetown Capital Lenders diamond sell or loan form, and we will determine your diamond’s worth. Our company compares the specifications from your diamond to over 100,000 diamonds available on the wholesale market. We show the estimated retail and wholesale prices, as well as how much you can borrow for or sell your diamond.

Is your diamond worth what you paid?

Consumers sell diamonds back into the retail industry and receive offers significantly less than the original buying price or insurance appraisals. There are steps to every product line, so it is no different for diamonds. When you buy a diamond from a retailer, the cost has already been marked up several times. Diamonds are sold from the cutter to the manufacturer, manufacturer to the wholesaler, and the wholesaler to the retailer. When a diamond is reintroduced into the market, the process must start over because pre-owed diamonds are rarely sought after.

Insurance appraisals assign a diamond’s worth with the idea that one day you may need to make a claim against a lost or stolen diamond. The money from a claim, gets you a comparable replacement for a lost or stolen diamond. This is why appraisals give a greater value to diamonds than pawn shops and lenders.

A client borrows $10,000 against this 3.0ct average quality, round cut diamond.

How Capetown Capital Lenders calculates your diamond’s worth

Many factors determine a diamond’s value, like the four C’s: carat weight, color, cut and clarity. However, other value adding factors, such as fluorescence, cut quality, certification and popularity of the diamond’s shape drastically impact the diamond’s worth.

Typical pawn shops and broad-based lenders do not take every value adding factor into consideration when they buy your diamond. Capetown Capital Lenders has many ties in the diamond industry, which allows us to offer the most for your diamond.

Pawn shops use a fixed formula to determine a diamond’s worth, based on carat weight This means you get the same amount for a diamond with excellent cut, color and clarity grades as a same-size diamond of much poorer quality.

Ready to liquidate your diamond’s worth?

At Capetown Capital Lenders, we lend against a wide variety of diamond sizes and shapes. Most loans are on diamonds larger than 0.75 carats. We make offers on loose and set stones. Many diamond jewelry pieces are set with multiple diamonds, but one stone should be more than 0.75 carats. You get a larger offer for a diamond with certification paperwork.

Fill out a secure form on our website to start your loan process. Or, tell us about the diamond you would like to sell, on our sell form. Tell us about your diamonds, and we’ll email you an offer. Or, you can schedule a visit to our Atlanta location.