Store your jewelry at Capetown Capital Lenders

Did you know you can store your jewelry in the Capetown Capital Lenders vaults? It’s a win-win situation — you get peace of mind knowing your jewelry is safe and you can borrow money using your jewelry in just hours. There is no fee to store your jewelry at Capetown Capital Lenders.

Capetown Capital Lenders is happy to store your luxury jewelry in our secure vault.

Capetown Capital Lenders offers asset-based loans to customers using luxury watches, fine jewelry and precious metals as collateral. One of the best things about borrowing from Capetown Capital Lenders is the flexibility. You can get a loan on an item multiple times. Once you’ve taken out your first loan and paid it back, getting another loan is much faster.
You can also store your jewelry in our secure Capetown Capital Lenders vaults. Here’s why you should consider it:

Getting a loan is faster when you store jewelry in our vault

Once Capetown Capital Lenders has already loaned against an item, getting a second or third loan is much faster. We already know the condition and value of your item.

But if you take out a loan in June and come back for another in August, your piece could have changed slightly. Small changes, like a loose prong or small scratch can affect the value of your piece.

If you get two loans within a few months of each other, the evaluation process will be shorter than the initial loan. However, if your piece is stored with us in our vaults, there won’t be an evaluation at all. Instead of waiting 24 hours for your cash, you could get it within hours of requesting a loan.

Storing your piece in our vault means getting a loan is faster.

Your jewelry is more secure

The Capetown Capital Lenders vaults are professional-grade security. Our offices, which house the vaults, are located within a secure jewelry store outfitted with cameras and alarms. Capetown Capital Lenders is just as safe as a bank vault but can be accessed immediately by upper management, with no wait time or paperwork.

Our vaults are also insured by Jewelers Mutual, an insurance provider specific to jewelry. If disaster struck, Jewelers Mutual has more expertise and knowledge about jewelry property loss than a bank does.

It’s easy

One Capetown Capital Lenders customer has been storing his luxury watch in our vaults for months, and loves the flexibility it provides. Anytime he, or others who store their pieces in our vault, want a loan, the process is incredibly easy.

Now, it can even be done online through Capetown Capital Lenders’ online forms portal. Typically, a customer would have to mail or drive in their item, taking up precious time. If you leave your piece with us, that lengthy step gets cut out completely.

Store your jewelry at Capetown Capital Lenders

Capetown Capital Lenders

You need to store your jewelry somewhere, why not store it in the Capetown Capital Lenders vault? If you’re a returning customer who wants a new loan, or a new customer looking for storage options for your piece, schedule a visit to our Atlanta store, just call us at 1-678-948-6223.