Why diamond certifications add value

This stunning three-stone diamond ring is unique because each emerald-cut diamond has a Gemological Institute of America certification. Typically, only the center stone comes with certification. Certification for all three stones adds significant value.

This ring's value significantly increases because it has a GIA certification for each of its three stones.
This ring’s value significantly increases because it has a GIA certification for each of its three stones.

The center stone weighs 2.01 carats while the side stones are 1.06 and 1.02 carats. All three stones have excellent polish and Very Good or Excellent symmetry.

This ring has a total carat weight of 4.09 CWT. We loaned $17,000 on this piece.

The center stone and one side stone are E color, and the other side stone is F color.

The engraving on this piece, while beautiful, didn’t add value to the loan amount.

The hand engraving on the band increases the ring’s beauty and uniqueness, but didn’t add value to the loan amount. Settings have little resale value, because the customer is paying for labor and design, not materials.

We loaned $17,000 against this unique ring at Capetown Capital Lenders.

The Capetown Capital Lenders client who used this beautiful diamond ring as collateral was loaned $17,000. The GIA certifications on all three stones increased the loan amount significantly by about $3,000. The loan amount increased with the GIA certifications because the diamonds have been evaluated by a trusted outside source. Diamonds with GIA certifications are in higher demand in the diamond market.

This piece is unique because all three stones have GIA certifications, which substantially increases the loan amount.

The GIA is the gold standard in diamond grading labs. If the ring had certifications from another lab, like American Gemological Society or European Gemological Laboratory, the Capetown Capital Lenders would have offered a lower loan value.

This 4.09 CTW diamond ring is set with three emerald-cut diamonds.

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