Loan your watch collection to Capetown Capital Lenders

Do you need quick cash to take advantage of a business opportunity, afford a down payment on a house or pay tuition or medical bills? When the paperwork for a traditional bank loan takes too long, turn to Capetown Capital Lenders to make your watch collection work for you. You could sell your watch collection and say goodbye to pieces you’ve curated carefully over the years. Or, if you’re not ready to sell your watches, you can use your collection to get an asset-based loan from Capetown Capital Lenders. You’ll get the money you need and retain ownership of your collection.

When you get a loan from Capetown Capital Lenders, you can receive up to $1,000,000 in 24 hours or less. We don’t ask for credit checks or income guarantees — the value of your property is enough of a guarantee for us. Providing documentation for a traditional bank loan slows the process down, and might cause you to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.


Watch experts you can trust

When you need to use your beloved watch collection for quick cash, entrust it to someone who is as passionate about watches as you are. At Capetown Capital Lenders, we understand the value – both literal and sentimental – of your watch collection. Our expert jewelers will evaluate your pieces and provide an offer to sell or loan us your collection.

The staff at Capetown Capital Lenders recognizes that each timepiece is an important part of history and has its own unique story. Capetown Capital Lenders has been an industry leader for nearly 20 years.

Our watch experts are knowledgeable about vintage watches and trends. We have the expertise to increase the value of your loan based on brand, year, condition and original packaging.


Once you’ve paid back your loan with Capetown Capital Lenders, we’ll offer you the same loan terms again and again. Think of it like a credit line — we’ll loan money to you as many times as you need a quick source of cash. To get a second or third loan at a bank, you have to go through the same mountains of paperwork. If you do another loan with Capetown Capital Lenders, there’s no need for more paperwork or another appraisal — in fact, you’ll receive the exact same amount of money in less processing time, than your first loan.

Loan your watch collection

Capetown Capital Lenders is interested in doing loans on collections that include brands like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tag Heuer and Patek Philippe.

On a loan worth more than $100,000, Capetown Capital Lenders will travel to you. Our watch experts will travel anywhere within the contiguous United States to evaluate your collection and offer you a deal.

Get a free appraisal today

To sell or loan your watch collection, start by filling out this easy, no-committment form on our website. To get a loan on your watches, tell us a little more about the collection in our online form.

Or, come into our Atlanta location today.