Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial: A Celebration of Human Exploration

Rolex has long been dedicated to the “spirit of adventure” and has a long history of exploration. They were the first watch on the top of the world and the first watch on the bottom of the ocean.

In 2012 movie director and deep-sea explorer, James Cameron, was the first man to reach the deepest known part of the ocean, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, on a solo dive. As part of the expedition, Rolex engineered a special watch, The Deepsea D-Blue Dial, which went on the expedition with Cameron. Only two other individuals have made this dive, Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh, on the Bathyscaphe Trieste expedition in 1960. Rolex was also a part of this pioneering expedition when they set the record, still held today, for the deepest depth, 10,916 meters (35,814 feet) achieved by man.

rolex deepsea blue dial

James Cameron’s expedition holds several records, including first solo dive to the bottom of the trench and longest time spent at the bottom, 3 hours. They were also able to collect tons of data that has furthered the field of marine biology, including the discovery of new species of sea cucumber and squid worms.

The Deepsea has several innovations that allow it to remain working on the bottom of the ocean. The Ringlock System allows the watch to sustain pressure equivalent to that found in the Mariana Trench, approximately 3 metric tons. This system is composed of a steel central ring that forms the backbone of the system, a 5 mm thick domed sapphire crystal and a grade 5 titanium case back. The Deepsea also incorporates Rolex’s Helium Escape Valve technology. This advancement allows the watch to release helium, without allowing water to get into the watch case, during the decompression process. This prevents the crystal from being forced from the watch case due to pressure differential.

rolex deepsea in box

The watch also features a very cool two-color gradient dial, from “brilliant blue to bottomless black.” Although this design element doesn’t help the watch to function on the bottom of the ocean, the innovative Chromalight display does make the watch readable in relative blackness. The blue luminescence last up to twice as long as that of other luminescent materials.

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