Sell your jewelry in Atlanta

Bring your jewelry into Capetown Capital Lenders, and you could walk out with a check that day. If that new designer jewelry piece catches your eye, exchange your older jewelry to cover the cost. Look through your jewelry box for used or even unworn pieces and you may find some lucrative assets.

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Capetown Capital Lenders is interested in purchasing luxury watches, designer jewelry, and diamonds 1 carat or larger. Bring in brands including Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, and more.

Bring your unworn jewelry to Atlanta

In a recent deal, a customer received $6,500 for this Rolex Submariner. Depending on its age, brand and condition, your fine watches could be worth just as much.

We paid $6,500 for this Rolex Submariner. We'll be looking for other great deals like this in Dallas.
We paid $6,500 for this Rolex Submariner.

This four-carat ring was purchased for $30,000. When purchasing a diamond, Capetown Capital Lenders takes size, clarity and color into consideration. If your diamonds are certified, remember to bring in your paperwork to receive a higher offer. You can also get great deals on unset diamonds.

This four-carat ring was purchased for $30,000.

You might be surprised about deals you can find in selling your old jewelry. Capetown Capital Lenders is looking to purchase fashion pieces that many other jewelry buyers will not even make you an offer on. For example, we recently purchased a silver David Yurman Cable Cuff for $135.

A customer received $135 for this David Yurman bracelet.
A customer received $135 for this David Yurman bracelet.

Who we are

Capetown Capital Lenders started as a division of an online company that was founded in 2008 just after the financial downturn. Third-generation jeweler, Mills Menser, and watch expert, Jonathan Marcus, saw that their customers wanted more options during hard times. They opened Capetown Capital Lenders to buy jewelry from the public and offer asset-based loans using fine jewelry and watches as collateral in Atlanta.

If you have jewelry, diamonds or a luxury watch visit our website or schedule an appointment to visit our Atlanta location and see what we can offer.