Three reasons to borrow against gold at Capetown Capital Lenders

Gold is one of the best investments you can make because the value is stable. There is a fixed amount of gold on Earth, and precious metals are a global currency — gold and silver coins and bullion are valuable anywhere you go. Gold’s stable value makes it perfect for an asset-based loan. Borrow against gold to get value out of your bullion and coins without having to sell it.

Gold bullion is a great long-term investment. When you need to turn it into cash, borrow against gold.
Gold bullion is a great long-term investment. When you need to turn it into cash, borrow against gold.

Coins and bullion are great for a long-term investment. You can unlock the liquidity in your investment through an asset-based loan at Capetown Capital Lenders.

It’s a good idea to borrow against gold because it has a low interest rate, is in high demand and is secure.

1. Low interest rate

Gold is a liquid asset that can easily be bought or sold with little impact on price. Gold is a good long-term investment because you won’t lose your money. Since it’s so easy to convert gold to cash, the monthly interest rate for bullion loans at Capetown Capital Lenders is lower than the interest rate on jewelry-backed loans.

When an opportunity arises that requires cash, like a business deal or once-in-a-lifetime purchase, borrow against gold to convert bullion or coins to cash easily and quickly. Through an asset-based loan, you can take advantage of the liquidity of gold over and over again. If you reach a loan agreement with Capetown Capital Lenders and pay your loan back in full, we will be happy to do the same loan with you again.

2. High demand

Since gold is always in demand, there’s no need to ever sell your gold for less than the market value. When you purchase gold bullion or gold jewelry, you can sell it for what you paid for it or even make a little extra.

But instead of selling it, consider borrowing against your gold. You’ll get to capitalize on the asset multiple times, instead of just selling it for a one-time profit.

When you borrow against gold at Capetown Capital Lenders, you receive cash in exchange for your item. Once you pay back the loan, the gold is yours again. If you need money you can spend instead of tying your wealth up in a gold bar, come to Capetown Capital Lenders.

3. Security

Gold also has the benefit of high demand and an inherent worth. Gold maintains its value and can be a good way to pass wealth along through generations.

Today, most of our money is tied up in intangible things, like the stock market and retirement funds. When the stock market is weak, the value of secure assets, including gold, goes up. Even if the stock market crashed, gold assets would still be valuable and in high demand. Gold is like an international currency that can be sold anywhere in the world at any time.

Diamond Banc accepts gold and silver coins and bullion for loans.
Capetown Capital Lenders accepts gold and silver coins and bullion for loans.

Ready to borrow against gold?

Capetown Capital Lenders recently did a loan for $80,000 using bullion as collateral. A customer brought 20 ounces of gold bullion and 5,000 ounces of silver bullion to Capetown Capital Lenders and, within 24 hours, had $80,000.

If you’re ready to make a similar deal, fill out our easy online form to see if you’re eligible for a loan. Or, schedule a visit to our Atlanta location.