Keep your jewelry out of a pawn shop, borrow money from us instead

Many families have precious family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation, which can be useful when you’re in need of quick cash. However, no one wants to lose their jewelry forever to a pawn shop, so why not borrow money on it instead. Capetown Capital Lenders is not a traditional pawn shop, we allow you to borrow money against your jewelry, diamonds, and luxury watches. And the best part is you get your jewelry back once the loan is paid off.

Avoid the pawn shop game

Whether you want to borrow money against or sell jewelry, Capetown Capital Lenders beats pawn shop offers. Pawn shops take very few aspects of quality into consideration when purchasing jewelry. A pawn shop only offers pricing for diamonds based on their carat weight. They put no value into quality, cut, shape or market demand.

Our history and strong connections in the jewelry industry allow us to offer top dollar for your jewelry. By not associating value in important details, you don’t unlock the true cash inside your jewelry. A pawn shop uses a fixed formula for your jewelry. This means you may only get $500 for a diamond ring really worth thousands. Here are just a couple examples of jewelry that our clients use to get the cash they need.

Capetown Capital Lenders loaned $2,000 for this diamond and sapphire ring.
A client borrowed $10,000 against this 3.0ct average quality round cut diamond.

Our loan process

Our loan amount is determined by the liquid value of the item being pledged. We do not run any credit checks, employment verification or require a repayment guarantee. Because we do not report the loan to a credit bureau defaulting will not affect your credit score.

This simple three-step process, makes it easy to borrow money locally and online. Within 24 hours of your online submission, we make an initial offer. Once we come to an agreed upon offer, we will send you a prepaid, insured shipping label and instructions. When we receive your package we will verify your item, and finalize our offer. Then, you fill out our paperwork via DocuSign and we wire funds to your account, or send you a check immediately.

If it is easier, you can bring your jewelry into the location nearest you. and we will write you a check on the spot for your jewelry. We can fund you up to $1,000,000 in 24 hours or less! If your loan amount totals over $100,000 Capetown Capital Lenders’ Founder and/or Vice President may even travel to you for an evaluation.

Ready to use us instead of a pawn shop?

Fill out a secure form on our website to borrow money now. Tell us about your designer jewelry, luxury watch and/or diamond, and we’ll email you an offer. Or, you can schedule a visit to our Atlanta location.