Borrow money in Atlanta with jewelry to finance tuition

Borrow money in Atlanta using your gold and jewelry at Capetown Capital Lenders when you need cash quickly. You can easily get a small loan without any wait time when you need to pay bills, fund a vacation or pay tuition. You can even finance your college tuition with a loan from Capetown Capital Lenders.

CCL is a national lending company that uses diamonds, gold, silver, designer jewelry and luxury watches as collateral for loans. You can get a loan for up to five years at CCL. Once we’ve made a deal with you, you can renew it anytime.

What does Capetown Capital Lenders accept?

CCL is interested in loaning money on designer jewelry, diamonds and luxury timepieces in Atlanta. Choose a national company like CCL for its security and convenience – you can even avoid the Atlanta traffic by filling out our online form and bringing in your item.

Capetown Capital Lenders loaned $7,500 for this color-enhanced canary diamond ring.

Designer brands maintain value and are always in demand. That means you’ll make more when you borrow money using brand name pieces. Make sure to send in the paperwork and any original packaging for your piece. You might not believe it, but that old Tiffany box actually adds value to your loan!

Some of our favorite brands at CCL for watches include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Bulgari, Harry Winston and more.

How to borrow money in Atlanta

CCL is the best option for a short term loan in Atlanta. When a deal comes up you need to take advantage of, CCL is the best option for a fast, reliable and safe loan. Borrow money in Atlanta using diamonds, precious metal, jewelry and watches.

Start by filling out our online form. Describe the item you want to use as collateral. We’ll evaluate it and tell you how much we would loan on that time.

If you accept our offer, we’ll send you a pre-paid, fully-insured shipping label. As soon as you send us your item, CCL will wire you money  up to $1,000,000 in 24 hours or less.

CCL is a smart business choice to borrow money in Atlanta. Our expert staff has the knowledge to evaluate pieces quickly and accurately. Start the process to borrow money in Atlanta today by filling out our simple online loan form. Or, schedule a visit to our Atlanta location.