Three reasons to borrow money in Atlanta at Capetown Capital Lenders

The high cost of living in Atlanta is the only downside to its nearby beaches, warm weather and friendly people. If you come up short for monthly bills or have a surprise expense, maybe you should borrow money in Atlanta using your jewelry.

Except for the high cost of living, Atlanta is a great place to live. When you need cash, borrow from Capetown Capital Lenders.

Capetown Capital Lenders is a national lending company with the solution to your problem. You can borrow up to $1,000,000 in 24 hours or less using your jewelry, watches, diamonds and bullion as collateral. Use an item you don’t wear often to get out of a tricky financial situation, and your item will be returned to you as soon as your loan is paid.

You can borrow money in Atlanta quickly, easily and discreetly. Here are the top three reasons to borrow money from CCL.

1. Expert customer service

As a customer of our CCL Atlanta location, you’ll experience the gold standard in customer service. CCL has built a national reputation because our experts make sure you get the maximum possible value for your loan.

Our experts evaluate your item and give you an offer within one business day. Since they are on the cutting edge of technology and design, CCL evaluators know precisely what your item is worth — we won’t downsell you. CCL loan offers are always the highest possible amount for the customer.

2. Borrow up to $1,000,000 within 24 hours

Don’t be concerned about shipping your item slowing you down. As soon as you fill out our online form and accept our initial offer, you can visit our local store with your item and get a check on the spot.

There’s no need for applications, credit checks or background checks. A loan from CCL is fully secured by your item.

3. Privacy and flexibility

The process to get a loan from CCL is unlike any other loan process. Since we don’t require background or security checks, it’s much faster than a traditional bank loan. CCL also considers what you want for repayment plans. Would you rather pay your loan back in one month or two years? It’s up to you.

Ready to borrow money in Atlanta at Diamond Banc?

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