Pawn your Rolex in Atlanta and get it back

Don’t pawn your Rolex off forever, instead, temporarily loan against your Rolex and get the money you need today! Asset-based loans are quick, discreet, and secure with Capetown Capital Lenders. All you have to do is submit your loan request online and we can start the process to fund you up to $1,000,000 in as few as 24 hours.

Pawn against your Rolex faster than ever

Asset-based loans are rapidly replacing bank and payday loans, and traditional pawn shops in Atlanta. When you loan against your Rolex, your loan is secured entirely by the liquid wholesale value of your watch. Meaning you won’t provide us a reason for your loan, work or financial history, and we absolutely do not do credit checks.

Money pinches and great investment opportunities come fast and often catch us off guard, so we strive to get you funded as fast as possible. Eliminating the mounds of paperwork and financial history checks is just part of the reason Capetown Capital Lenders has unmatched lending power.

Original box and paperwork increase the value of a loan against your Rolex.

Trust your Rolex with the professionals

When you need to use your favorite watch for quick cash, entrust it to someone who is as passionate about watches as you are. At Capetown Capital Lenders, we understand the value – both literal and sentimental – of your luxury watch. Our expert jewelers will evaluate your watch and provide an offer to loan against or even sell your watch. You’ll get the money you need and still retain ownership.

Capetown Capital Lenders has been an industry leader for nearly 10 years. Our watch experts are knowledgeable about vintage watches and trends. We have the expertise to increase the value of your loan based on brand, year, condition and original packaging.

Our goal is the same as yours: we give you the money to take advantage of opportunities, and return your watch once you are ready to pay us back. It’s truly that simple. Our loans are based on short-term payments. The loan extends every 30 days after a minimum payment for our services, so your loan can last a couple months or a few years, whichever fits your needs best. Once you pay back the principal amount, we ship your Rolex back to you overnight.

Get an initial quote today

Fill out our online form with information about your Rolex and any appraisal or certification paperwork. We’ll evaluate your item and give you a quote the same day.

If you accept our offer, visit our Atlanta location or mail us your watch. We accept watches from around the country and will send you a fully insured, pre-paid shipping label. Your funds will be wired directly to your bank account, after we verify your Rolex.