Benefits of a Jewelry Equity Loan

Combining several pieces of jewelry into a loan can lower your interest rate and fund more money.

With so many options in the lending marketplace, it can be hard to discern which loans will give you the most money with the least risk. Jewelry equity loans are becoming more popular everyday, due to their low risk and great lending value. A jewelry equity loan is a type of asset-based loan, so the loan is valued and secured by your jewelry.

Jewelry equity loans are flexible

Because our loans are secured by your jewelry alone, we do not report to credit bureaus or run financial history reports. Therefore, your credit score will not change if you forfeit the loan. In the event of a loan forfeiture, Capetown Capital Lenders will liquidate the jewelry and sell them back into the secondhand market to recoup our cost.

When you borrow from CCL, we allow you to schedule your payment intervals and amounts, so you can make the payments fit your lifestyle. If you happen to miss a payment, you can pay it off the following month or at the end of your loan. Since our loans are governed by the laws of the State of Missouri, borrowers are allowed three non-consecutive months of missed payments.

Capetown Capital Lenders lends more money

Capetown Capital Lenders is backed with unmatched purchasing power, which allows us to fund loans up to $1,000,000 in as few as 24 hours! We cut through the red tape of traditional loans, such as financial history, credit checks and notarizing, so you can get the money you need when you need it.

After your first loan with us, you can treat your jewelry like a credit line and borrow against it whenever you like. All we will do is have you fill out our simple loan paperwork, and we will write you a check on the spot.

Get a quote today

Fill out our online form with information about your jewelry or luxury watch, and any appraisal or certification paperwork. We’ll evaluate your item and give you a quote the same day.

If you accept our offer, visit our Atlanta location or mail us your jewelry or luxury watch. We may even come to you, if your jewelry equity loan totals over $100,000! We accept jewelry from around the country and will send you a fully insured, pre-paid shipping label. Your funds will be wired directly to your bank account, once we have verified your jewelry.