AMAZING Cartier Panther Ring

This panther ring is one of the most iconic rings made by Cartier. This ring is just a really cool piece and it was recently sold to Capetown Capital Lenders.

History of the Cartier Panther Ring

One of the original founders of Cartier, Louis Cartier was actually one of the first people to tame a wild panther. He did this in his free time and it quickly became legendary. Cartier’s business partner capitalized on his panther-related fame and use the panther as design inspiration for their new jewelry line; Cartier began producing their now-iconic line of panther jewelry.



Today, the symbol of the panther is still used throughout different Cartier jewelry collections and it has become a symbol of Cartier.

Cartier Panther Ring



This is just an amazing piece that people rarely see these days. The attention to detail is stunning and this ring is a true statement piece. The retail on this ring is over $11,000.

When looking at the ring you can see that the eyes are actually made of tsavorite garnet. The tsavorite garnet gives the eyes a very rich green color to make them stand out even more. The spots on the panther are made of onyx which gives them a truly dark and stunning look. The rest of the ring is made of solid yellow gold.



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