What is a Jewelry Asset-Based Loan

Traditional banking regulations are restrictive, burdensome, and unfavorable to jewelry dealers. Thus making it difficult and sometimes impossible to acquire loans for your business expansion or operation.

Business owners require loans which are easy to obtain and flexible to pay back. So, a jewelry asset-based loan fits the description. A jewelry asset-based loan permits the use of a borrower’s asset as collateral for a loan. In this case, the asset of choice for the loan is high-end jewelry. Creditors like Capetown Capital Lenders specialize in these loans.

How to Enjoy an Asset-Based Loan

One condition of these loans is to ensure the jewelry collateral used by the borrower belongs to them. This is because creditors have the legal right to claim and sell the collateral to cover a loss if the borrower cannot repay the loan for any reason.

It is important to note the size of the loan given is limited by the value of the jewelry. also, the key benefit of an asset-based loan over selling the asset is the borrower retains full ownership of the item. Once the loan is fully settled, the item is returned and the owner can use it to collect another loan in the future.

Capetown Capital Lenders offers some of the best rates and services for asset-based loans. The payment plans are flexible and reasonable. And we also offer speedy services, confidentiality and do not need income requirements or statements from our borrowers.

It is often recommended that people in search of these asset-based loans initiate correspondence with professional businesses, such as Capetown Capital Lenders, to verify the quality of jewelry.