What is a Jewelry Equity Loan from Capetown Capital Lenders?

With so many options in the lending marketplace, it can be hard to discern which loans will give you the most money with the least risk. Jewelry equity loans are becoming more popular everyday, due to their low risk and great lending value. A jewelry equity loan is a type of asset-based loan, so the loan is valued and secured by your jewelry.

How a Jewelry Equity Loan Works

A jewelry equity loan is a loan that is jewelry-centric. So don’t frantically search for collateral, or fill out bank loan forms at the expense of your credit score, all you have to do is use your existing jewelry as collateral.

Jewelry equity loans give you back the cash value of genuine stones or expensive jewelry. When a loan is paid off, get your assets back safe and sound. If a loan is not paid back, credit scores remain unaffected, instead the jewelry is simply liquidated to recoup costs.

Why is a Jewelry Equity Loan Preferrable?

At Capetown Capital Lenders, the jewelry equity loan process is quick and hassle-free. It’s also a great loan option for people with high-end jewelry and watches. Another great benefit of a jewelry equity loan is that they don’t check your credit score. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and within 24 hours you will be provided with a quote. Once you’ve reached an agreement, you simply ship your jewelry to Capetown Capital Lenders. After that, you will be presented with an official offer and will begin arranging for immediate payment. 

Get started today by filling out Capetown Capital Lender’s risk-free jewelry equity loan form