Getting a Loan on a Batman Rolex

Interested in getting a loan on a Batman Rolex? Capetown Capital Lenders is the perfect place for you!

What is a Batman Rolex?

A Batman Rolex is a Rolex GMT that was initially designed for flight. In addition to that, this watch keeps 3 different time zones simultaneously, that is why it was originally designed for a pilot who may be flying between different time zones. This watch has recently been affectionately referred to as the Batman Rolex. This nickname is because the bezel of the watch is blue and black. In addition, the bezel is ceramic so it is difficult to scratch.

Another interesting aspect about the Batman Rolex is that you can switch out the original factory-made band to get a leather and rubber band strap. Rolex is very strict about only having factory application, but changing the band can give your Batman Rolex a great sporty look.

How Much Can You Get for a Loan on a Batman Rolex?

This Batman Rolex actually trades pre-owned for over list price. The Rolex list price on this watch is $8,950 but people buy and sell them for $9,500 pre-owned. In general, Rolex watches really hold their value and can exceed their original value which is very uncommon in the watch industry as a whole.

At Capetown Capital Lenders, you can expect to get $6,000 in a loan on a Batman Rolex depending on the condition. Getting a loan on a Batman Rolex is a great way to keep your asset, while still getting a loan without the credit check. You could get more for selling your Batman Rolex but then you would lose the asset. The great part about asset-based loans is that you can keep your asset at the end of the loan.

Why Capetown Capital Lenders?

Capetown Capital Lenders is a nationwide asset-buyer and luxury asset-based lender who makes loans on ultra-rare and exciting pieces, like this Batman Rolex. If you have any high-end jewelry or watches, you’re a perfect candidate to get a loan with Capetown Capital Lenders. There is no credit check required and the process is extremely simple.

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