Borrow money until your payday at Capetown Capital Lenders

Waiting on your paycheck to arrive so you can pay off bills, make a down payment, or front the bill for a vacation on your time off? Payday loans may look like a good short term option to borrow until your payday, but they often come with strings attached. You might be left with unexpected debt, even after your paycheck arrives. So why not choose a safer, simpler option to borrow cash? An asset-based loan against your jewelry can get you enough cash to bridge the gap until your hard-earned paycheck arrives.

A better way to borrow until your payday

Payday lenders make you build a good track record before allowing you to borrow significant amounts of money. Here at Capetown Capital Lenders, our loan amounts and rates do not work that way. We offer you top dollar every time for your jewelry. When you borrow from us and pay off your loan, we will continuously honor the same loan amount and rate for your jewelry on future loans. Since diamonds and precious metals have an inherent, constant value, you’ll always get a good deal when you borrow against them.

Payday lenders even check your credit score with a credit rating agency. Not to mention, it does not look good for a credit history to show you regularly take out payday loans. We don’t check or hit your credit score in any way, even if you choose not to repay the loan.

Our end goal is the same as yours: borrow until your payday. We want to loan you money against jewelry,  watches and diamonds, so you can repay the loan when your payday arrives, and get your jewelry back.

Capetown Capital Lenders loaned $2,000 for this diamond and sapphire ring.

No hidden fees

Clients secure payday loans with an upcoming paycheck, while lenders tack on ridiculously high repayment fees due in just a few weeks. This makes it difficult to pay off the loans, even when your paycheck arrives.

The amount we agree upon for your loan is that amount that ends up in your hand. Unlike many of our competitors we do not have upfront fees, and we do not withhold an initial interest payment. We pride ourselves in our transparency and will go over any and all fees or charges associated with the loan process, before you agree.

So instead of taking out a risky payday loan, let your jewelry get the cash for you. Fill out our simple, no-obligation loan form to be contacted within 24 hours. Customers normally receive contact within minutes of their submission and receive funding in as little as 24 hours. We understand that you need money fast so we work quickly to get your loan completed and a check in your hand.

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