Four reasons to borrow money in Georgia at Capetown Capital Lenders

Living expenses are high in Atlanta, and when you come up a few hundred dollars short of your monthly payments, turn to your jewelry box to borrow money in Georgia. Jewelry you don’t wear often or no longer like the style of can be turned into the cash you need when you borrow money from Capetown Capital Lenders.

Capetown Capital Lenders is a national jewelry lending company. We use jewelry, gold and fine watches as collateral for loans. Capetown Capital Lenders lends up to $1,000,000 in 24 hours or less.

At Capetown Capital Lenders, borrow money in Georgia using your jewelry as collateral.

Four reasons to borrow money in Georgia

1. Long loan term

CCL loans last up to five years with no need to renew your loan terms or pay off principal to extend the loan. At CCL, you can get a loan and pay it off the next day, or keep it for up to five years.

2. No upfront fees

CCL never charges fees for evaluations of your item(s), nor do we hold a percentage of your loan amount. The only price you’ll pay is what it takes to get your item back.

3. Renew your loan whenever you want

CCL has a simple policy for repeat customers. If you borrow money at CCL, pay it off and then need to take the loan out again, you don’t need to wait through the evaluation process. We’ll send you the same amount of cash we did for your first loan.

4. Safe and secure

Since customers around the country trust CCL with heirloom jewelry and valuable watches, only the highest standards in safety will do. CCL uses prepaid, return-certified mailing for jewelry loans in locations without a CCL store, like Georgia.

All shipment to and from CCL are insured by Jewelers Mutual and Brinks, so you can rest assured that they are fully covered.

Ready to loan against your items?

To borrow money in Georgia in less than 24 hours, start by filling out Capetown Capital Lenders’ online evaluation form for your jewelry, timepiece or bullion. Our expert team will send an initial offer after reviewing your submission. If you accept, Capetown Capital Lenders will send a pre-paid, fully insured mailing label for you to send your piece to our headquarters in Atlanta. Then you’ll receive the cash via check or wire transfer, all within 24 hours or less.

Three easy step to borrow money in Georgia.