Use Your Diamond Necklace to Get a Loan

Do you have a diamond necklace you hardly ever wear and need money quickly? Use your diamond necklace to get a loan from Capetown Capital Lenders. They make excellent loan collateral because many of them have significant center diamonds (.60 carat and larger). Unlike engagement rings, they are not something you wear everyday. Below are some examples of diamond necklace loans.

Diamond Riviera Necklace Loan

Capetown Capital Lenders loaned $20,000 for this diamond Riviera necklace, with a total weight of 21 carats.

This stunning example is a 21 carat total weight diamond Riviera that retails for around $45,000 and we were able to loan $20,000. The diamonds graduate from approximately .15 carat to .70 carat, with five of the diamonds being larger than .60 carat.

Yellow Diamond Necklace Loan

We loaned $2,500 on this 1.40CTW yellow diamond halo pendant necklace.

This beautiful diamond necklace features a 1.07 carat fancy light yellow center diamond. The center diamond is surrounded by a cushion shaped halo of white diamonds, and the pendant has a total weight of 1.40 carats. This necklace retails for approximately $9,000 and we were able to loan $2,500 against it.

Diamond Halo Necklace

We loaned $2,000 on this round diamond halo necklace.

This sparkly diamond necklace has a 1 carat center diamond and a total diamond weight of 1.36 carats. It retails for approximately $7,500 and we were able to loan $2,000 against it.

Learn more about how quick and easy it is to use your diamond necklace to get a loan on our How It Works page. Or get started by filling out our no risk, no obligation quote form. You can also schedule a visit to our Atlanta location and get the money you need today!