Pawn your diamond ring at Capetown Capital Lenders

Need cash quickly? If you have jewelry you don’t wear anymore, pawn your diamond ring or other pieces at Capetown Capital Lenders. With our local Atlanta location and our wide lending network around the country, you can get up to $1,000,000 in 24 hours or less at Capetown Capital Lenders.

Pawn your diamond ring at Capetown Capital Lenders to get the biggest possible loan amount. Here are threes reasons Capetown Capital Lenders is able to give more on pawns than our competitors.

1. Capetown Capital Lenders experts

CCL only employs jewelers who are the best in their field. Our jewelers can evaluate the resale value of a piece easily and exactly. Since your loan value is based on the potential resale value, it’s key to get an accurate evaluation.

2. Wide scope

Yes, CCL is a great place to pawn your diamond ring, but did you know you can also make money on other pieces? You can send us luxury watches, designer jewelry and even gold and silver bullion for short -term cash relief.

Since CCL has a diverse portfolio with loans in every category of  jewelry, we’re able to offer loans on whatever you send us. Some places might put a limit on the number of fine Swiss watches or silver bullion they can accept. At CCL, we’re interested in evaluating all of your pieces.

A client borrowed $40,000 from Capetown Capital Lenders for this 5.09CTW diamond ring.

3. Not just designer

Unlike other popular online lending sites, CCL accepts pieces that aren’t designer. Sure, we like brand names just as much as anyone else. But if you bring in a beautiful diamond ring, we won’t discount you just because it’s not designer.

CCL takes many facts into account when making a loan on jewelry. The brand, condition and materials used are the most important.

A client borrowed $10,000 against this 3.0ct average quality round cut diamond.

Ready to pawn your diamond ring at Capetown Capital Lenders?

Start by scheduling a visit to our Atlanta location or filling out our online form. First, we’ll determine the potential value of your deal. If you decide to take our offer, you’ll get cash within 24 hours.