Borrow against Rolex watches in Atlanta

Whether you’re in a pinch and need cash quick, or have planning for upcoming expenses, your Rolex watch can easily get you thousands in 24 hours in Atlanta. Avoid traditional bank hassles by borrowing money against your luxury watch. Capetown Capital Lenders offers a simple procedure and efficient funding process, which allows you to borrow up to $1,000,000 in as few as 24 hours.

Capetown Capital Lenders does not ask for credit checks or income guarantees. Instead, the value of your property is enough of a guarantee for us. Providing documentation for a traditional bank loan slows the process down. This might cause you to miss out on bills or big opportunities.

Borrow against Rolex watches with Capetown Capital Lenders

When you need to use your favorite watch for quick cash, entrust it to someone who is as passionate about watches as you are. At CCL, we understand the value – both literal and sentimental – of your luxury watch. Our expert jewelers will evaluate your watch and provide an offer to loan against or even sell your watch. You’ll get the money you need and still retain ownership.

Just stop in to our Atlanta location or get a quote online. Many of our clients found a void in the Georgia marketplace for asset-based loans. So to further accommodate our clientele, we opened up our Atlanta location. We accept appointments, and even online submissions to sell and borrow against Rolex watches.

Capetown Capital Lenders loaned a client $11,000 for this Rolex Daytona Chronograph.

Our watch experts are knowledgeable about vintage watches and trends. We have the expertise to increase the value of your loan based on brand, year, condition and original packaging. Thanks to our longstanding presence in the luxury watch market, we offer unmatched lending and purchasing power.

Clients receive more for a Rolex with original packaging and documentation of authenticity.

Ready to borrow against Rolex watches at Capetown Capital Lenders?

Start by filling out our online form or visiting our local Atlanta location. First, we’ll determine the potential value of your deal. If you decide to take our offer, you’ll get cash within 24 hours.