Diamond Shapes Affect on Diamond Values

Diamond shapes go in and out of style just as fashion trends do.  There are ten most common diamond shapes, and each has different values based on the demand of that particular shape.  So how do you know what your diamond is worth?  Capetown Capital Lenders can help you understand the true value of your diamond.  What can you do with an outdated diamond shape? Capetown Capital Lenders has experts to evaluate your diamond to get you top dollar.

How shape affects the value of a diamond

The most well-known shape of a diamond is the classic round diamond.  If you are looking for something different there are plenty of other shapes from which to choose.  Each diamond has unique characteristics that impact their appearance.  For example, one of the more recent cuts that have lost popularity is the marquise diamond.  To many this diamond looks antique and old fashioned.   One thing that can be done to the marquise diamond to increase its demand is recut it.  Many times the marquise is recut into an oval or pear; both are in higher demand than the marquise.

Below is an example of two different cuts.  One is a princess cut and the other a cushion cut.  If all other factors were the same, the cushion would be valued at more based on its popularity.  Ten years ago, Princess cut diamonds were very popular, but as the trends have changed so have the tastes in diamond shapes.

Capetown Capital Lenders takes both options into account when evaluating your diamond.  If it needs to be recut, Capetown Capital Lenders has the resources to do this. Capetown Capital Lenders has many connections in the jewelry industry, which allows for us to pay more for your diamond. Capetown Capital Lenders has diamond experts who will help you understand exactly what your diamond is worth.

Why Sell Diamonds to Capetown Capital Lenders?

It can be overwhelming trying to find a jewelry buyer you can trust with your diamonds.  However, Capetown Capital Lenders is a nationally trusted company that goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs as a seller. Capetown Capital Lenders has an easy jewelry selling process.  You can start by filling out an online submission or you can call the office directly to set up an appointment.  Next,Capetown Capital Lenders will send you a free quote within 24 hours.  Once you receive your quote you can safely mail your diamond to Capetown Capital Lenders. The diamond experts will evaluate your diamond and make you an official offer while you are there.  You will then have funds in hand, in as little as 24 hours.

Diamond Lab Report: Difference Between Certification Labs

Are you buying a new piece of diamond jewelry, or selling a piece you no longer wear? A diamond lab report is an important document to help you understand the quality of your piece.  This helps you get the best price when buying and selling a diamond.  A diamond grading report not only provides you with a blueprint of your diamond’s properties and characteristics, but also verifies the diamonds authenticity.

There are many different diamond grading laboratories around the world, but not all laboratories are created equal.  As a consumer it is important to understand the differences between the labs.  One institute may have different results from a report than another issued by a different lab on the same diamond.  Capetown Capital Lenders can help educate a customer on exactly what kind of diamond jewelry you have.

The Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s undisputed authority on diamonds. And, they provide dealers and the public with lab reports.  Headquartered out of Carlsbad, CA, the GIA is non-profit. Therefore, it supplies consumers with non-biased, conservative and consistent grading.  So, this is why it is the most trusted and widely used service.  Other diamond grading labs are for-profit and more liberal in their grading. This leads consumers to believe they have a more rare and valuable diamond.  When in reality, the consumer paid a higher price than warranted.

Let’s look at several examples.

GIA vs. IGI Diamond Lab Report

The International Gemological Institute is the second most well-known lab in the world. Based out of Antwerp, Belgium, the IGI has more lax grading standards than the GIA.  Typically, clarity and color grades can be off by 1 or more ratings if the same diamond was to be graded by GIA standards.

Recently, a customer brought an engagement ring into Capetown Capital Lenders to sell.  The ring had an IGI diamond lab report that stated the center diamond was a 0.93CT “G” color grade, “I1” clarity and “good cut” grade. Capetown Capital Lenders has jewelry experts who are actually certified diamond graders through GIA.  After purchasing the ring from the customer, the center diamond was sent to GIA to be graded at their lab.  The diamond came back 0.93CT “G” color grade, but “I2” clarity grade.  The clarity grade was lower in the GIA lab report than the IGI report which makes a big difference in the value of the stone. And, this in turn can make it harder to resell.


GIA vs. EGL Diamond Lab Report

The European Gemological Laboratory has a large global presence, with several offices in Europe.  EGL is known within the industry as being very lenient, and most diamond dealers try not to use EGL.  This is due to the color and clarity grades tend to be 2-3 higher than if the diamond was graded by GIA standards.  Again, this leads the consumer to believe they have a better quality diamond. And in turn, the consumer usually overpays for that diamond.

Capetown Capital Lenders had a customer bring in a three stone ring.  The center stone was GIA certified, but the two side diamonds were EGL certified.  Both side diamonds were graded 1.01CT “Fancy Intense Yellow” color and “VS2” clarity.  However, Capetown Capital Lender’s jewelry expert examined this ring and noticed more brownish hues in the side diamonds.  After explaining the lab differences to the client, the client understood and knew that the value of the ring would be less than she originally thought.  After Capetown Capital Lenders purchased the ring, the two side diamonds were sent to GIA to be certified.  One diamond was “Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow” color and “VS1” clarity and the other diamond was “Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow” color and “SI1” clarity. So, this makes a big difference in the value of the diamond because Fancy Yellow diamonds are much more rare and valuable than Fancy Brown diamonds.


Capetown Capital Lenders Will Help You Understand the Quality of Your Diamond

Customers who have a GIA diamond lab report on a diamond, will ensure the seller and buyer are on the same page in regards to diamond quality.  Also, Capetown Capital Lenders shows clients comparable GIA graded diamonds on the wholesale market, in order to determine the diamond’s true liquidation value.  So, if you are interested in selling your diamond, start the online process with Capetown Capital Lenders today.  Our diamond experts can explain the true value of your diamond and fund you the same day!

Why You Should Sell Your Diamonds to Capetown Capital Lenders

Are you looking to sell your diamond jewelry? We know how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy and transparent company to sell your diamonds. Capetown Capital Lenders is truly leading the industry and one of the best companies to buy your diamonds.

Why Choose Capetown Capital Lenders?

The most secure and easy option when looking to sell your diamonds is selling them to Capetown Capital Lenders. Capetown Capital Lenders has a free interest form that’s extremely easy to fill out. Once you’ve filled out the interest form, the rest of the process is extremely fast and makes it simple to sell your diamonds without a hassle.

It can be tough to find a jewelry buyer you can trust to give you a good deal for your diamonds. However, Capetown Capital Lenders is a nationally trusted company that goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs as a seller. Capetown Capital Lenders has an expedited diamond buying process. The process is just three simple steps! The first step is simply filling out a cost-free interest form about your diamonds. After you’ve done that, Capetown Capital Lenders will send you a free quote within 24 hours.

How Much Can You Get For Your Diamonds?

Capetown Capital Lenders has recently purchased diamond jewelry anywhere from $5,000 to $65,000. There is a wide range that they are willing to pay for your diamond depending on the quality. There isn’t a limit on how much Capetown Capital Lenders can pay for your diamond. The final offer amount is solely determined by the value of the diamond.

Overall, if you’re selling your diamonds, Capetown Capital Lenders is the best option for you because the process is quick and easy. Fill out our free interest form to get started today!

Get a Jewelry Equity Loan on Your Pink Diamond

Pink and red-hued diamonds are the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Their exclusivity makes getting a jewelry-equity loan on your pink diamond easy. If you need cash quickly, turn your pink diamond asset into collateral by getting a loan at Capetown Capital Lenders.

How big of a loan on your pink diamond can you get?

Out of the 20 million carats of diamonds mined each year, only 0.1 percent are pink. This rarity means the value of pink diamonds is very high, so your loan value would be high as well.

You can get a high loan on a pink diamond at Diamond Banc.

Get a loan on your pink diamond at Capetown Capital Lenders.

Pink diamonds are always in demand and even increase in value over time. They can have different hues and intensities, which is another factor that influences their value.

Pink diamonds have become more popular over the last 20 years, making their price skyrocket. Several very expensive pink diamonds have sold at auctions in recent years.

The most expensive gemstone ever sold at an auction was a pink diamond. In 2017, the famous Pink Star diamond sold for $71 million. The Pink Star is an oval-shaped 59.6 carat diamond.

What makes a diamond pink?

The science behind pink diamonds is very mysterious. The hue of most fancy-colored diamonds can be explained easily. Yellow diamonds contain traces of nitrogen and blue diamonds contain the element boron.

But there are no impurities in pink diamonds, so scientists have been struggling to understand why they’re pink. Scientists have speculated that the color is the result of a molecular difference within pink diamonds.

How to get a jewelry equity loan

Getting a jewelry equity loan at Capetown Capital Lenders is easy. Start by filling out our online form describing your object, or bring it into one of our national locations today.

Any easy three-step process to get your jewelry equity loan!


You’ll get a quote based on your item. If you agree to the quote, ship your piece to Capetown Capital Lenders using our pre-paid, fully-insured shipping label, or bring it into one of our stores. Then, you’ll receive cash from your loan within 24 hours of sending in your item.

Get a jewelry equity loan in Atlanta

As the traditional bank loans have become outdated, jewelry equity loans are becoming more popular everyday in Atlanta. This is due to their low risk and great lending value. A jewelry equity loan is an asset-based loan, so the loan is valued and secured by your jewelry.

Capetown Capital Lenders is located in the Roswell – Atlanta are, inside Capetown Diamond Corporation.

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Benefits of a Jewelry Equity Loan

Combining several pieces of jewelry into a loan can lower your interest rate and fund more money.

With so many options in the lending marketplace, it can be hard to discern which loans will give you the most money with the least risk. Jewelry equity loans are becoming more popular everyday, due to their low risk and great lending value. A jewelry equity loan is a type of asset-based loan, so the loan is valued and secured by your jewelry.

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Fund Christmas with a jewelry equity loan

With the holidays coming up and tax return season right around the corner, why not take out a short-term loan? With low monthly rates and top dollar lending, borrow money for all the gifts you need and pay off a jewelry equity loan when your federal check arrives. Our unmatched lending power and speedy application process means we can easily fund up to $1,000,000 in under 24 hours!

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Get a Jewelry Equity Loan in Georgia

Capetown Capital Lenders will fund any loan from our Georgia location, we may even come to you. On any jewelry equity loan greater than $100,000, our staff will make your life easier and come to you. Recently, we sent our vice president to a borrower for a jewelry equity loan against a 4.66ct marquise diamond.

Capetown Capital Lenders loaned $60,000 on this 4.66ct marquise diamond.

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Get an online loan against jewelry today

Like every other industry in recent years, it has become more and more common to borrow money from online lenders. Not only are the processes for online lenders faster and simpler than traditional bank and payday loans, but the rates are far more competitive.

diamond ring on a hand
Engagement rings are commonly used to secure asset-based loans.

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Get a loan for home improvements

Whether your building an entirely new home, just some minor repairs, or transforming your current home into a dream home, your jewelry can fund this large expense. Use your jewelry to get a loan for home improvements with Capetown Capital Lenders’ simple and quick submission form. We can fund up to $1,000,000 in as few as 24 hours!

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