Use your jewelry for a loan in Atlanta

Over recent years, asset-based loans have grown in popularity while bank loans have maintained their rigorous processes and regulations. Getting on board early with changing trends, Capetown Capital Lenders was established to offer unparalleled opportunities for those searching for a reliable lending company.  Atlanta in particular, has been a hotbed of growth for Capetown Capital Lenders as industry growth has increased the need for quick cash and loans.

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Rolex Everose Gold Watches

Rolex jumped on the rose gold bandwagon in 2005 with the release of their own patented Everose gold. Everose is created exclusively at Rolex’s foundry and is an 18K pink gold alloy. Rolex uses their radiant Everose gold in all of their watch models that come in rose gold.

To make truly exceptional products, Rolex controls all aspects of the manufacturing process. Which is why they keep their formulas for yellow, white and pink gold top secret. Their gold watches have an incredible luster that makes them appear to glow from within, and Everose is no exception.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with an Everose case, chocolate dial, and alligator strap.

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How to set a Rolex watch

A Rolex has over 200 moving parts that come together to create an intricate, precise work of art. You don’t have to know how every single part of your Rolex works, but you should at least know how to set a Rolex watch.

Setting a Rolex is how you change the time and date displayed on the watch. It’s simple — with a few twists and turns of the right piece, you can take care of your watch and keep it accurate without making a trip to your local jeweler.

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What to do with an outdated diamond shape

Many diamond shapes go in and out of style with the ever-changing trends. So, what do you do when your diamond needs a cut upgrade? One of the more recent cuts to lose popularity is the marquise. The classic, antique look of the marquise is currently rumored to look old-fashioned by many. However, there are still some who appreciate the cut as elegant and vintage.


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How to Get a Jewelry-Backed Loan

More Than Just Jewels

Have you ever heard of a jewelry-backed loan? Fine jewelry has more value than just sparkle and shine. Your fine jewelry is a great option to use when you need quick cash. Many jewelry owners aren’t aware of the loan opportunities that their jewels give them. Your fine jewelry could be the perfect item for collateral.

jewelry evaluaiton

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Sell Your David Yurman to Capetown Capital Lenders

David Yurman is a well known jewelry brand throughout the world. With unique takes on combining different metals and stones, it is no shock that this is a very loved brand. Whether you want to make money from your current David Yurman pieces or you just want to swap out your older pieces for new, Capetown Capital Lenders is the place for you. We buy David Yurman at fantastic prices that you will love!

D Yurman bag

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